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No.248, May 2016

Stun 248
No. 248 - May 2016

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The Editor's Bit

I’m a little bit late with this month’s Stun, but with good reason; Elly’s home! Taking care of her is a full-time job and that is my main priority at the moment, so finding time to work on the Stun has been challenging.

I thought the biggest problem would be finding people to sit with Elly while I’m out doing Stun business, but the Thuiszorg put us in touch with an agency that helps people in my position. They found a trained volunteer who can take care of Elly a couple of times a week while I go out and get pissed; I mean take photos and deliver the Stun to bars.

Working at home isn’t as easy as I thought it would be either. I can’t hear Elly call me when I’m upstairs in the office, so instead of using my i7 workstation with 24-inch monitor, I’ve had to use my 9 year old laptop to edit the photos and put this Stun together and it’s a lot slower.

Enough of my problems, let’s have a Cover Competition! An easy one this month: Name that bar! The first person to give me the answer will get an Honourable Mention in this column next month.

I didn’t get out to take photos on King’s Day this year, so I called on some of our readers for help. You can see the results on pages 20 & 21.

With a week to go, our football expert Frank is leading the Premier Predictions League (page 27), but will he still be there on Sunday?

Enjoy your Stun.