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No.258, March 2017

Stun 258
No. 258 - March 2017

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The Editor's Bit

It’s been a while since we last had a Cover Competition, so... Where did I take the photo on this month’s cover? As usual, there are no prizes, but the first person to give me the correct answer will get an Honourable Mention in this column next month, unless you work in the place, in which case you just get a mention.

Empty Guinness barrels and an abundance of green on the cover can mean only one thing: Paddy’s Day is on its way! It’s on a Friday this year, so it’s bound to be a heavy session. I’ll be out with my camera, visiting as many parties as possible, but mainly, I’ll be in Molly’s, ‘cos they’ve got live music all day! Nelly’s said they are just opening the doors to the multitude, so that could be fun; it looks like the Waterhole have Irish bands all weekend and I’m sure Coco’s have something special planned, so the craic should be great!

The Mahones played in Paradiso as part of their St. Patrick’s Tour and at the start of their last song, Drunken Lazy Bastard, front-man Finny McConnell gave a shout out to the Amsterdam Stun and me. Finny’s done it before, but this was the first time I caught it on video; you can see it on the Live Around Amsterdam channel on YouTube or follow the links from the Amsterdam Stun page or group on Facebook.

I stumbled across Linda’s 60th party while I was out delivering the last edition of the Stun, so I had to get a photo of us together; we go way back! About as long as I’ve known Terry and Kathy, who got married last month; see pages 16-18 for photos from their party, and a couple from Linda’s are on page 5.

More photos, gigs, jokes, football... It’s all here, so enjoy your Stun.