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No.271, April 2018

Stun 271
No. 271 - April 2018

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The Editor's Bit

´╗┐Every month, it’s the same old story; once I’ve finished putting the rest of the latest Stun together, I sit staring at the screen of my computer, trying to think what to write about in The Editor’s Bit. This month is no different, so I’ll start where I usually start; the cover!

That time of the year when the orange stuff can come out of the depths of your wardrobe is rapidly approaching, and as I didn’t take any photos worthy of gracing the cover of the Stun on Kings Day last year, that’s what I did. I don’t know where I’ll be going on Kings Day this year yet; as usual, I’ll just go out and see where I end up, but I’ll have a camera with me, so you’ll find out next month. Which T-shirt and hat I wear and whether I go with the orange hair spray remains to be seen.

Talking of hair, it’s about time I had mine cut and after his appearance in last month’s Stun, Terrance from Head Enlight District said he would do it in exchange for another mention in the Stun. I haven’t made it there yet, but I will soon.

The green clothes came out on Paddy’s Day so that I wouldn’t look out of place while I was doing my rounds. Most of the night was spent in Molly Malone’s, where the photo of me with Bobby was taken; more photos are on pages 16 & 17 and all of them have already been posted on the Stun Facebook page.

Rob from the Poolbar sent in some photos, see page 22, and if you want your photos to appear in the Stun, send them in. For now, enjoy your April edition of the Stun.