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No.273, June 2018

Stun 273
No. 273 - June 2018

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The Editor's Bit

OK, let’s kick off with a Cover Competition. Who can tell me the name of the bar that used to be in the building pictured on this month’s cover? I used to visit the place quite often in the 1990s, but hadn’t been there for nearly 18 years and I haven’t got a clue when it closed down. No prizes, but the first person to correctly name the bar will get an Honourable Mention in the next Stun.

If I’d known I was going to hold a Cover Competition, I could have arranged a real prize, but it was one of those last minute things, as usual. I even talked about it with Coco’s manager Joey when I was collecting the prize for our Premier Predictions League, but I had other plans for the cover at the time.

The Amsterdam Sevens Rugby Tournament, being held a bit later than usual this year, from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June at the National Rugby Centre in Geuzenveld, was my first idea, but I couldn’t find anything suitable for the cover in my archives. I won’t be going to see if Susie’s Saloon can win it for a fourth time because I’d already made plans to scatter my late wife Elly’s ashes on the Sunday and my English and Brabants family will be in town that weekend. That’s also a clue to the cover photo location, because even though Elly didn’t work in that particular bar, she had a connection with the place...

I love good bar staff and consider it a crime against humanity when tourists come over here and take them back to their home country with promises of the good life. I call it Doing a Mark after the low-life who lured my second favourite barmaid Beth away to the fens of East Anglia. It might be flat there, but that’s where the similarity with Holland ends.

Gareth swore he would never do that with Ilze in Rock Planet and he even moved in with her in Amsterdam, but now there’s a baby on the way, they’ve gone to Swansea. Gareth was very apologetic on his last night in town and said they just couldn’t find an affordable family-friendly place to rent anywhere near Amsterdam, so I might forgive him.

Back to our Premier Predictions League...

This year’s winner was our very own football correspondent Frank, who won vouchers for €60 in food & drink in Coco’s Outback. Along with his wife Rung, they celebrated his victory over unlimited ribs, beef & Guinness pie and a few drinks. See page 21 for the final table.

I promise we didn’t fix the result and if you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to check all of the entries yourself.

That’s it from me, enjoy your latest Stun.