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No.315, March 2023

Stun 315
No. 315 - March 2023

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The Editor's Bit

It looks like last month’s Cover Competition had everyone stumped; even one of my former professional dog-walker friends didn’t know that it is in Beatrixpark, in the bit where you can let your dog run free. If you knew where it was, give yourself a bonus point if you know that the artwork is called Future Past Glory.

We’ve got an easy Cover Competition for you this month, so only the first person to tell me where the statue is located will get the Honourable Mention next month. If you tell me in person, make sure I write it down, with the date and time, just in case somebody sends me a text or email before you. Contact details are on page 2.

My little sister Kay wanted to get away for her birthday, so she took a P&O mini-cruise to Amsterdam to see her big brother. First stop was Molly Malone’s, where our niece Roxanne and sister-in-law Ans joined us, and Lesley finally got to meet some of my family.
We stayed in Molly’s all evening and spent most of the next day in Café Oporto, so Kay didn’t do much touristy stuff, but we still had a great time talking.

Our mum’s love of musicals must have rubbed off on me because when Berna, who I know from the legendary rock sessions in the Shamrock Inn, back in the days when you could still smoke in bars, asked if I’d mention the musical she’s about to appear in, I said yes, even though it’s Ciske de Rat, it’s in Dutch and it’s in Hoorn between 11th & 19th March. See www.facebook.com/musicalzwaag for details.

The Dam Squidds; Jeroen, me, Jen and Sidd, won the pub quiz in Café Maxwell with a record score last week, and that was without our star player. Let’s hope we can keep it up with a full team for the final next week.
All of our usual stuff is here this month, so enjoy your Amsterdam Stun for March.