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No.321, September 2023

Stun 321
No. 321 - September 2023

Click on the picture to open this edition of The Amsterdam Stun in a new window. To view it, you need Adobe Reader software which is available from here.

The Editor's Bit

How can you miss a big golden astronaut on Rembrandtplein is what I thought before I set last month’s Cover Competition. How wrong I was... While I was taking the last Stun around the bars, a number of people asked me for a clue because they didn’t know where it was. If they’d looked closer, they could see the name of a well known Irish bar that doesn’t support the Stun, so I won’t name them.

Anyway, only one person gave me the correct answer, so the Honourable Mention goes to Paula! I’m also giving a Supreme Mention to Alan Sells because I set him the challenge to tell me the name of the artist. He got that right (Joseph Klibansky) although he got the location wrong, but I didn’t ask him for that, so he still deserves it.

For this month’s Cover Competition, all you have to do is tell me where the statue on the cover is located. The first five people with the correct answer (contact details on page 2) will get an Honourable Mention on this page next month and I’ll buy you a drink if you come to the Amsterdam Stun’s 30th Anniversary party in Molly Malone’s next month.

My old friend ‘Alky Al’ was planning to come over for the Stun’s 30th Anniversary but sadly, he passed away last month. His return to Amsterdam was the lead story in the very first Stun so he would have been the star of the party. I first met Alan 40 years ago in Greece, but Danny knew him even longer - they were at school together 60 years ago! We raised a glass or two to Alan’s memory in Café Oporto, Akitsu and Maloe Melo, but Fat City is no more.

Did you notice that this Stun was in bars before the start of September? From now on, I want to bring the Stun out before the first weekend of each month so that there’s a fuller Gig-List for you. Wish me luck with that!

All of our usual stuff is here, so enjoy your September edition of the Amsterdam Stun.