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The Amsterdam Stun

Premier Predictions League 2022/2023

Sponsored by Coco's Outback

Another football season is rapidly approaching, which means another chance to win the Amsterdam Stun Premier Predictions League. All you have to do is predict where you think every team in the English Premier League will finish at the end of this season. You get three points for each team in the correct position and one point if you’re out by one place. The contestant with the most points wins the prize: 4 x €15 vouchers for food &/or drink at Coco's Outback, with ties decided on the most correct places.

We’ll be bringing you regular updates as the season progresses, but that’s just for fun. It’s how you finish that counts. We'd also like to know which team you support! There's no particular reason for it: It's just nice to know.

Just fill in your details, select where you think each team will finish and then click on the "Submit" button to send it to The Amsterdam Stun. Closing date for entries is Friday 23rd September 2022, but we have been know to accept late entries.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I can't get the drag & drop entry form to work on the Stun website, so I've had to make a Google Form instead; it's not as user friendly, but I hope that doesn't stop you entering this season's Amsterdam Stun Premier Predictions League!

Here's the link to the entry form:

Premier Predictions League Entry Form